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Paving equipment has a double advantage: over 18 years of proven paving technology, plus the innovative engineering.Other manufacturers promote new features and designs that have been the standard for years on our asphalt paver’s machinery. From our new highway-class pavers to our family of mid-sized paving equipment, each model assures you of high-performance features that reduce maintenance, lower operating costs and boost productivity.

    Why use pavers instead of poured concrete?
    Pavers trump poured concrete in a number of ways. Specifically they:
  • Are less susceptible to cracking.
  • Tree roots, shifting soil, freezing, and thawing can cause cracks to form in large slabs of poured concrete.
  • Because pavers are smaller, and move independently, the same conditions won’t cause cracking (but may cause the pavers to shift position).
Help eliminate runoff. The spacing between pavers enables water to permeate the area rather than run off a larger field of concrete and no puddles will form.
Offer better traction. The joints between pavers provide a built-in device for better footing.
Can be more visually pleasing. Pavers can offer a geometry that poured concrete can’t. And, that’s not even taking into account the myriad options for the plants or other organic materials that fill the spaces between pavers.
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